Rosie The Ratty 306

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Rosie The Ratty 306

Post by Norb on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:58 am

Ok thought id put up a sort of project type thing for the car with pics this way i can keep putting updates on here too so here goes

Car : Pug 306,1997,1.6 petrol

Got the car on xmas eve then pretty much started ratting straight away first thing was the bonnet took an hour n half ish with an angle grinder plenty of salt and vinegar a week later looked like this

Then as weather was to crap to get outside and do some painting etc i set about doing the insides of the car wanted to do something abit different and i thought id paper mache with new paper headlines and pics of random crap that made me laugh when i looked at it or words that i thought fit did the Parcel Shelf

Then set about the sun visors

That pretty much covers the sun visors next i did fuse box lid centre consoles

fuse box lid

Then decided my parcel shelf needed abit more adding to it so i got my monkey out 4 cable ties and 8 holes later he was fitted took about 4 mins

The all important sticker collection

Then bordness set in on a night in doors and i did this to my sub box

Including cross word and clues if you get bored
Need to get a wiring kit and fit the amp and sub and jobs good

Then started to sand car down so now looks like this

Have got lots more planned finish the rub down on the car both bumpers and the roof left, got spoiler to fit and a few little bits im keepin hush for now till they come in the post

all comments welcome and sorry for the photo whoring


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Re: Rosie The Ratty 306

Post by keith_gtir on Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:48 pm

Its certainly different, & still plenty of work going into it despite what some people think. Like the newspaper touch lol

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