Aug monthly meet

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Aug monthly meet

Post by Promo_Kymmy on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:21 am

Right everyone!!

Bikes are welcome!

we got to make this one a big one!

Piston superiors promo girls will be attending got some gorgeous girls here got some position in the group that need filling I.e more area reps and someone good in photoshop if you interested talk to

Kymmy group owner


Charlie moderator/ aka charlie20vturbo

We hope lots of you are goin to attend this meet and make it a good one there will be pro photographers also so let's show these people what a proper cruise is!?,

Stickers will be available to buy at the cruise

Writing only £2 a pair
Small logos £1
Large logos £1.50

Clothing with be available to order swell so we will be takin details down on the night or just before if you want one for the cruise!

Please be honest with your answers don't say your attenting if you deff know your not

If your maybes and think u may be coming a little later then your more than welcome to still join in lol along as it's before the end time :-)

Want the location and time please pm me

See you all soon x

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1994 Vauxhall Corsa
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