rover 5 door

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rover 5 door

Post by resplect on Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:40 pm

Hi there, jus thought id put a thread up to show ma car, this is wat it used to look like

(not actually my car)

This is wat my car was looking like about a year ago, wasnt really sure about wat to do with it.

Then my ex gf thought it would be a good idea to open the passenger door into a renault clio coming which was coming down the path, wiped my door out, and thought "feck it, i aint bothering with the car no more i've spent to much time and money on it". Then few weeks later karisma came round and kick my arse and we got it fixed and then the smoothing happened, this is a few pics of wat happened upto now.

i sprayed it with alfa blue pearl in the garage and sprayed the doors boot and bonnet at a later date and wen i refitted everything it was in two different shades or pearl, the wings where darker than the doors, the roof was darker than the boot and the bonnet was really streaky, i really wasnt happy with it so i thought wats the point in spending all this time on a car if i aint gonna get it how i want it, so i sanded it bck down to pearl....

...and started again

when she was finally painted i thought wat else can i do jus to change the appearance and got busy, smoked my headlights and ordered some new wheels, cos the old wolfrace ones dont cut the mustard lol

and heres the final product

since then ive got a cupra splitter, porsche d90's and now just gotta save for air ride to try and get sumthing close to stance

I hope u've enjoyed ma thread comments and ideas welcome


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Re: rover 5 door

Post by Promo_Kymmy on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:19 am

Looks well good Hun

You should come along to our next meet x

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