Pug, Saxo, C2, White Roll Cage

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Pug, Saxo, C2, White Roll Cage

Post by Stevi_C2 on Tue May 18, 2010 8:27 pm

Thought id put it on here before putting on ebay,

Basicly its just been fully refurbished white and still in the C2 atm which can either be installed with the rear two seat or without.
Heard it fits Pugs and Saxo's too, maybe others

I have rear dark tints and the white roll bars show through the tints if thats the look your going for if you have tints.

Pm if interested, give us your best price as got a few mates with Pug 106's who are intreasted,

I can send pictures but Email me on..
Stevi_c2 @ hotmail.co.uk


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